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What angles are knives sharpened at?

It's simple. We sharpen each side to 1 degree narrower than the existing edge for fresh, cold-ground bevels and optimized edge retention. If you want a specific DPS or micro bevel, just write it on a note, and we'll make it happen for you.

Is shipping included with the price?

Yes, UPS shipping is included all 3 ways.

What abrasives are used?

6 stages of micron graded Monocrystalline diamond films and deionized H20 mist. Deburred on leather.

What kinds of steels and hardnesses do you do?

We specialize in high hardness vanadium enriched knife steels.

How should my edge be maintained after sharpening?

Strop periodically to straighten and remove fatigued material at the apex. We recommend using a strop made from top grain horse or kangaroo leather with a fine compound.

What is Edge Quest sharpening closest to?

An Edge Quest Edge matches what you'd get with a fixed angle sharpener like an Edge Pro, using 1 hour and 6 abrasive stages on custom paddles made from synthetic Japanese Waterstones like Naniwa Chrosera. It doesn't get any better.

Lasting Edges

For knife people, who don't view sharpening as therapeutic.


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