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What angles are the Wild Bunch Knives sharpened at?

"Y'all's blades? Well, they get that there treatment, partner! We're talkin' 13.5-20 DPS – as sharp as a cactus spine in the desert heat. And if you've got a hankerin' for a particular angle, just scribble it right on that trusty sheath of yours. We'll make sure them knives are honed to perfection, cowboy style!"

What if my knives have chips or broken tips that need regrinding?

We'll perform some steel surgery on any troubled souls.

Is the box insured during shipping?

Every shipment comes with its own insurance worth up to $400, partner. If you're reckonin' your cargo needs more protection, just send us a smoke signal with your order number and how much cover you want. We'll rustle up a secure payment link and add that extra insurance to your package. Costs just $1.25 per $100 of coverage.

How will I know when my knives arrive at Edge Quest?

We'll fire off an email as soon as we lay eyes on your box, partner. That email will also rope in an estimated time for when your order's all set.

How long will it take to get my knives back?

The turnaround time for them sharpened knives can vary from 2-14 days. It all depends on where you're hangin' your hat, how many knives you're sendin', and where you are in the sharpenin' queue.

Where do I take the Box?

You can mosey on down to any FedEx Office or drop-off site, includin' the likes of Walgreens, Dollar General, Walmart, Safeway, Albertsons, Jewel Osco, Randalls, Shaws, and Vons.

How do I pack my knives?

We'll send you an envelope that's got a FedEx label, a sheath, and a plastic knife tip for each blade. To pack 'em right, you'll need some plastic kitchen wrap (about 1-2 yards), a sturdy cardboard box, a roll of tape, and some filler to keep 'em snug in the box. Amazon boxes are like gold in these parts, partner.

Can I send in a bread knife?

If your bread knife ain't longer than 11 inches, you can send us one to put an edge on.

We love EDC Knives

For all the people who refer to sharpening as something other than theraputic.


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