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Aftermarket  EDC sharpening


An unremitting commitment to EDC edges.

Our approach to sharpening involves refining your blade in a step by step fashion. We utilize advanced fixturing along with low-speed abrasive films and deionized water to preserve your blade's delicate temper.


Technical Perfection

Noah Cowan, California Knifemaker and founder of Aura (California) uses his edge-tech to bring the most out of your spec'd out pocket pieces.   

Founded on Japanese principles of ever increasing quality, Edge Quest seeks to push the envelope on every blade.

If you crave an Every Day Carry knife limited only by its metallurgical attributes, then Edge Quest is worth every consideration.

Your Pursuit,
Our Expertise

We are here to serve the EDC  community. To sharpen for the ones who cosign American knife development.

Edge Quest specializes in sharpening high-hardness, hard-to-sharpen vanadium steels. Leveraging recent advancements in crystalline diamond films to ensure we cut those carbides all the way to the apex at 3,000 grit.

Lasting Edges

For knife people, who don't view sharpening as therapeutic.


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