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Aftermarket  EDC sharpening


Enhance the performance of your EDC knives.

Improve edge-retention, sharpness, keenness, and durability.

When it comes to sharpening, there are no shortcuts. Our equipment has been been designed, engineered, and perfected over a 6 year period.

We refine your edge in a step by step fashion. Using liquid, and a patent pending mechanically fastened guided movement and time. Sharpening action performed by proprietary diamond abrasive films. We specialize in sharpening higher hardness vanadium containing knife steels.


Technical Perfectionism

Noah Cowan, California Knifemaker and founder of Aura (California) uses his edge-tech to bring the most out of your spec'd out pocket pieces.   

The performance gains by getting your edge right, vastly outweigh the performance gains achieved by metallurgy.

We are here to serve the EDC  community. To sharpen for the people who cosign the pursuit of American knife development. The ones who make this hobby what it is today.


We self-insure every package for loss or damage at $500.

Your Pursuit, Our Expertise

We firmly believe that our edges outshine any DIY master setup achievable with 1 hour of time, hand to stones.

With a money back guarantee to back up this claim.

Everyday Knives

Lasting edges for everyday people, who don't view sharpening as therapeutic.


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